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5 Amazing things VR can do for children

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VR is creating a lot of opportunities for Learning and Entertainment. There were been questions about VR been safe for children which many of them have seems to be answered accurately.

Parents should take a note the showing VR content to kids above the age of 12 years is safe however the most important thing is to show the right type of content.

Here we wish to share the Amazing things VR could do for your Child.


  • VR could take you places

Students can have a better outlook & a faster learning experience with the help of Google Expeditions app which lets them travel places via VR and learn about them by being there in the virtual world




  • Immersive autism therapy

We have come across a number of uses for VR in medical science & this is no different. Immersive Autism Therapy is a combination of scenarios created by a Washington-based start-up Floreo. With the help of these scenarios, children are enabled to learn skills such as pointing or making eye contact. VR is the safest option to teach them various social skills and prepare them.


  • VR for the differently abled

virtual reality has contributed enormously to improving the treatment, training, and quality of life of children with disabilities.VR helps them in social training too which shapes their personalities in a positive way. Beyond the social experiences, gaming in VR is one hell of an experience for wheelchair-bound children. With VR these children can fight without hands & run without legs.



  • Bedtime story telling

Samsung thought this year that the “Bedtime VR Stories” app will combine the latest innovations in virtual reality with the power and importance of traditional storytelling. Samsung believes that this application is more for the parents who are away from their children and still will be able to tell them bed time stories through VR.



  • Learning to swim

Learn swim without actually being pushed into the pull by the swimming coach? Children often fail to learn how to swim because of their fear of water, heights or anxiety but that doesn’t mean they mustn’t learn the most important life-saving skill.

Do you know any other amazing uses of VR do let us know in the comment section below.