Top 5 best Android Camera apps for taking selfies.

“I love to get my pictures clicked and now I do not need to ask others to take my picture. I can take as many pictures of mine as I want and then upload them on various social networking platforms. “Selfie is a great way to create memories. Front camera phones have made it even more easy and exciting.

Whether you are on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you will be welcomed with a barrage of selfies these days, so much is the craze.

The right smartphone &apps can do small wonders for your selfie-steem. If you’re one for frequent photos here are 5 best Android camera apps for taking selfies.

AirBrush - Best Selfie Editor


AirBrush brings you the best natural photo editing tools designed exclusively for the daily selfie taker!Imagine a world where you never have to deal with the hassle of another complicated beauty retouch app that ends up over editing with unnatural results.Easy to use with no rules, AirBrush was designed to give users the best selfie photo editing experience with user friendly, Photoshop quality retouch tools that give you natural results…every single time. With AirBrush, you can achieve perfect selfie photos from the convenience of your phone with a simple swipe or tap.

AirBrush - Best Selfie-Editor




  • SelfieCity | 5 best Android camera apps for taking selfies


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SelfieCity helps to create movie quality photos with filters inspired by Inception, Once Upon a Time in America, and Roman Holiday, etc.Innovative movie theme filters creating by professional artists. Various trending effects tailored for selfies – you will never run out of options!Background blurring and vignetting make you the leading role of your movie. Always grab attention!Super natural retouching effect forged by Meitu team. No more worries about blemishes or acnes, the real-time retouching effect will give you the perfect skin just like the movie star.





Make every pic and selfie this holiday pitch perfect with the best beauty photo app! The picture editor and photo both to make you look better, remove blemishes and show off the natural beauty of your face and skin. And create videos and video selfies with 4-8 second clips using cool filters for awesome vine style videos!
Retouch photos to adjust skin tone, add filters, easily remove wrinkles, erase pimples, edit tired eyes, reshape your face, and look thinner in just a few touches. Get the only selfie camera and picture editor you will ever need with hundreds of collages, frames, stickers and fun scenes!






BestMe Selfie Camera is Specially Designed Camera & Editor for Selfie. It has Exactly 125 Real-time Filters.Besides the filters, BestMe Selfie Camera has many different photo options. You can take a picture in three different formats (traditional Instagram square, 4:3 ratio, and full screen), and also create collages including from two to nine photos.

Once you’re done working with your pictures, just post them on Facebook or Instagram. The app has interesting features for that too. For instance, BestMe Selfie Camera offers a wide range of popular tags to add to your Instagram posts.BestMe Selfie Camera is an excellent app for those who love to take selfies. Thanks to this app you can take the best pictures and post them on your social networks to get maximum Likes.






  • Retrica | 5 best Android camera apps for taking selfies



Retrica is a simple photo taking and sharing app with a near infinite combination of live filters, layout, editing, social and secret sharing options. You can shoot the same moment a million ways and share it with the world, that special someone or anyone you want. *Ranked #1 Photography app in 65 countries, including England, Italy, Spain, Argentina and Brazil.Featured on the Google Play 606 times. Millions photos are taken daily with Retrica all around the world. Over 250 million downloads.


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