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Airtel Partnering With Star TV & Hotstar To Offer Free Subscription

News & rumors are been floating around since last week about Airtel been partnering with Star TV, eyeing to be on the top of content game. If the news is true this will allow airtel to distribute entire Star TV content on Airtel app.

Airtel Partnering With Hotstar

Along with it the telecom company is providing a free subscription of Hotstar as per a recent report from Counterpoint Research firm. This free subscription will be limited to few airtel subscriber’s as part of the offer.

“The upper management groups of both these companies are in talks and have been seen together on venues discussing this partnership, we expect this new to coming to public by the end of this month as told on Economic Times.


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We are well aware that this partnership will help Airtel to earn from it carrier’s revenue from Data Services. This in turn will retain & bring back its subscriber who has switched to Jio Services.

We expect more such strategies from this telecom giant to compete with Reliance Jio. Both Airtel and Star TV were not available for comments on the ET’s queries over this news.


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Plans of Airtel aggressively developing its content portfolio shows that it wants to be a single point for subscriber to use other services.Initially last few months back Airtel had also announced its partnership with Ecommerce giant Amazon and had offered Amazon prime Subscription free to it Airtel Postpaid customers for plan above Rs 499.

Airtel has been aggressively developing its content portfolio over the last few months. Last month, Airtel announced its partnership with Amazon and offering free Amazon Prime subscription to its Airtel postpaid customers on the postpaid plan above Rs 499.


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So if you are a postpaid user than Hotstar subscription will come to you. However Star TV content will be open to every Airtel users.

Since Airtel TV service would be open for all users until June 2018, which means the all Airtel user can see the Star TV content for Free.