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Airtel Challenges Jio with New unlimited Voice Call Offer

This seems to be a never ending competition since the entry of Jio, operators like Airtel is not ready to give up and are coming up with plans which is making the telecom industry the much trending topic across the nation.

Jio’s minimum monthly plan for free unlimited voice calls start at Rs 149.

Airtel is planning challenge this plan by launching a new plan priced Rs 148 for a month, this new pack will offer unlimited Internet based voice calling.

Now, Jio is also offering unlimited Internet for Rs 149, which Airtel isn’t matching yet.

Airtel  has just launched their 100 Mbps broadband service; offered unlimited 4G data for 3 months (which turned out not so free after all) and even offered Rs 51 1GB pack for 3G data.

Their new Rs 148 pack for unlimited calling using Internet is their new weapon against the Jio plan and we expect some more to come as the competition seems to get stiffer.