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Perfect Android launcher for your 5 Inch or above Phone

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The developer of Lens Launcher has changed the way you see your apps, using a sort of “Graphical Fisheye Lens” to make seeking out apps and far more entertaining.

Without much waiting let sneak into the specialty of this particular Unique Android Launcher for your 5 Inch and above Android phone.

Lens Launcher is a unique, efficient way to browse and launch your apps on a single home screen. Lens Launcher implements two unique features:


  • An Equispaced Grid that displays all of your apps, regardless of screen size or app count.




  • A Graphical Fisheye Lens to quickly zoom, pan and launch apps using touch gestures.


You can then use your finger as a magnifying glass to quickly scan and look through them and find the app you need in a flash. When the finger is moved through the app the icon of the apps are zoomed giving you a clear view to make your needed selection.

Through settings option you can customize the icon of the app and adjust the speed of the animation to get a faster experience. The Launcher also allows you to hide apps from your home screen.


  • Can’t change icons for individual apps
  • Can’t use widgets with Lens Launcher.


The above drawbacks are not a great deal to stop you from trying this awesome Launcher. Just give a try and share your experience in the comment section below.


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