Automatically post Birthday Wishes on Your Friends Facebook Wall


Today we will discuss about about a tip to help you post facebook wishes on your friends and relatives facebook wall without disturbing your busy schedule. I personally tend to miss out on my best friends birthday and our best friends tend to check their FB wall just to check if we have wished them on their Birthday. By the end of this article you will be happy to know that we can actually post birthday wishes on our friends wall automatically.

How to Auto-Post Birthday Wishes on Your Friends Facebook Wall?

I just discover this site which will help you to auto post birthday wishes on your friends wall. Let’s go with the steps now.


Step 1.  Visit the website




Step 2. You will get signup now option which you need to click on Connect with Facebook option.



How to Auto-Post Birthday Wishes on Your Friends Facebook Wall


Which will ask you for the access permission, click on okay.


Step 3. You will now be asked to visit the facebook events page by clicking on the below link.


  • Right click on the “Birthdays” link in the lower right corner





Select “Copy Link Address”. The link you need is now on your clipboard. Now simply click on the field above and paste the linking by right clicking and selecting paste on the below option to import list of friends.





Step 4. Click on upcoming birthdays and schedule your birthday wishes accordingly.



birth auto post

That’s it! you are done, Now this site will automatically post the birthday greeting to your friends that you have scheduled in it.

Don’t forget to share it with others also.


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