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How To Make Android, Automatically Switch To Strongest WiFi


It requires some effort and sometimes frustrating to switch over and find out the strongest WIFI signal available in your Android Phone. However switching to the best WIFI network will give us maximum speed to download or view content. To avoid the search or selection manually from your device I am going to share an easy method to  make your android mobile automatically lash on to the best WIFI network.


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How To Make Android, Automatically Switch To Strongest WiFi


The method is very simple and easy.


Here are the Steps to Make Android Automatically Switch to Strongest WiFi:


Step 1.  Download and install the app Wifi, Switcher on your Android Phone.


Step 2. Launch & scan for the wifi networks available.


Step 3. List of available WIFI networks will be displayed on your phone just select the preferred check box which network you prefer to switch while signal strength changes.



Step 4. Edit the settings of the individual network by assigning max hold limits to switch to other networks.



Step 5. Now save the changes & your Android phone is ready to Automatically Switch to Strongest WiFi



Now the app will work for you automatically whenever the signal strength drops & switch to the best wifi network available.


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