Best earphones under 1000 rs You Need to Know

Which are the Best earphones under 1000 Rs?

If you are looking for headphones under 1000 Rs it will be a good idea to check our list of Best earphones under  Rs 1,000. The earphones we have listed are with mic with best bass effects & under 1k Rs.

These are Best Earphones under 1000 Rs that sound great for the money spent.No matter if you have a working earphone or you are in search for a good pair of earphones.

This list of Best earphones under Rs 1000 you should definitely check out.

Not wasting much of your time we have listed below some of the best earphones under 1000 with mic.

In case if you are looking for earphones below 500 Rs, 1500 Rs and 2000 Rs.


Best earphones under 1000 Rs in India

  • OLY X15 In Ear Headphones with Mic Price : Rs 799

The OLY Audio X15 is our Best headphones Under 1000 Rs with Mic . 

The earphone gives you crystal clear sound and audiophile quality with its powerful rich bass and high definition voice clarity. The earphone has call receive and cut button with a 3 years replacement warranty from the company.  The company provides you with a hard shell case to keep the earphone when not in use, thereby protecting the earphone for a long time. No doubt it is our preferred choice if you are looking for a earphone under 1,000 Rupees. 






  • Cowon EM1  Price: Rs. 900 

Best earphones under 1000 Rs

   2nd Best earphones under 1K

The Cowon EM1 is one of the popular brand when it comes to a best earphones with mic under 1000 Rs. It gives you the best Neutral & balanced sound when connected to any sort of music. The earphone ensures that you are able to listen to every beat of the song with exceptional refined sound quality. It is a treat for music lovers and goes well with all laptop & Mp3 devices. The price of this earphone is predicted to increase, so do grab it before the price rises.







  • Soundmagic ES18S In-Ear Headphones With Mic Price : INR 748

3rd Best earphones under Rs 1000

Soundmagic ES18S has an inbuilt microphone which comes with smart switch compatible with all mobiles. The earphone give you accurate sound and Best Bass. The smart switch makes the earphone compatible with Apple iOS and all Android phones. The earphone is a treat to music lover with its clear & crisp sound and Awesome Bass support. This best bass earphones under 1000 is available both at Amazon & Flipkart.








  • Panasonic Headset ERGO RP-TCM-125 (White) Price: Rs. 630

Best earphones under 1000

4th Best earphones under 1000

Panasonic Headset ERGO RP-TCM-125 (White) comes with inbuilt answer & end call button which is compatible with IOS & all Android phones. The design of the earphone which is ergofit which ensure the best comfort & fit to ears. The earpiece of the earphone comes in three sizes small / medium / Large. The earphone and brand Panasonic no doubt is best choice if you are looking for earphone under 1000 Rupees.








  • Audio-Technica – ATH-CKL203 Price: Rs. 649

Best earphones under 1000

5th Best earphones under 1000

The Audio Technica ATH CKL203 earphones under 1000 Rupees is lightweight and comfortable headphones with decent audio quality for its price. The company has introduced new designed 8.5mm drivers to enhance the audio quality of the earphone. The look of the earphone is clear with a decent length cable wire which makes its user convenient to use the earphone while on go. The case of the earphone keep the cable wire from getting tangled.It is one of the Top earphones under 1000 Rs.








  • Sennheiser CX 180 Street II Price: Rs. 749

Sennheiser CX 180 Street II

6th Best earphones under 1000


Sennheiser CX 180 Street II is the most balanced earphones available at Under 1000 Rs with the best built quality. The balance bass & treble delivers the best sound effects and bass driven stereo sound which is compatible with most of the Mp3, Ipod, iPhone, CD players and gaming stations. The Innovative earbud design ensures optimal comfort to ears.

Do check the review of Sennheiser CX 180 Street II before you buy.








  • Creative EP-630 Price: Rs. 849


7th Best earphones under 1000

Creative EP-630 has been in market now for long time and it doesn’t disappoints us when it comes to earphones. With it’s best audio effects it makes to our list of best earphones under 1000 Rs. It gives you an ultimate music clarity & the silicone soft ear buds gives you perfect comfort with excellent noise isolation. The sharp treble overpowers the bass effect.

It is the best earphone in this range, do check the review here.








  • Boat Bassheads 180 Price : INR 699
    • 8th Best earphones under 1000

The Boat Bassheads 180 is a treat for bass lover with at combination of good build quality & audio quality it makes to our list of best earphones under 1000 Rs. The cable of the earphones are flat which protects it from getting tangled which comes with a mic. The earphones is provided with 3 extra soft silicon earbuds. The earphone is easy to fit in your ears with a premium look.

Please check out the review before placing an order online.






  • JBL C100SI with Mic Price : INR 750

Best earphones under 1000

9th Best earphones under 1000


The JBL earphone with its superior sound & bass is another option if you are looking for earphones under 1000 Rs. The earphone comes with 3 sizes earbuds to ensure comfortable listening experience for long duration of time. It comes with mic and buttons to control calls. The JBL earphone is compatible with most of the devices with a decent long cable.

If you are looking to buy JBL earphone, just have a look at user review before you buy.






  • Asus AHSU001 Zenear Earphone (Black) Price : INR 790

Another good earphone under 1000 Rs straight from the brand Asus which produces best audio quality for ears. The earphone is a ideal choice in this range. The design of the earphone enters you ears and provides the perfect fit to give crystal clear sound with out much noise penetration.

You check out the review which user of Asus AHSU001 Zenear Earphone has to say.



These were top 10 earphones under 1000 Rs we have further earphones listed below which missed by little to catch up with the top 10 Earphones.

  • 1MORE PISTON FIT Premium In-Ear Earphones Price: INR 999


This earphone is the Ergonomic Version Of Award-Winning Piston Classic which comes with 3 size of ear fits which gives you comfort fit for long time use. The design & Color of earphone is a treat you eyes. The earphone which is tuned by Grammy winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi makes this earphone as one of our favorite over ear headphones with mic under 1000 Rs. This earphone is compatible with all devices.

Look out for some awesome reviews of the earphone






  • Evidson AudioWear R5 In-Ear Price: INR 849

Best Earphones under 1000

The earphone is light weighted made of metal allow in India which comes with flat cable which are durable. The bass of the earphone is truly amazing powered by Neodymium Magnetic Core and high efficient speakers. The 3 buttons for controlling call, play / pause music and adjust volume. The earphone comes with 3 sizes silicone earbuds to ensure comfort fit for long time use. The earbud ensures perfect fit to enjoy clear sound with noise isolation.

Here is the user review to check before buy.






  • boAt BassHeads 315 In-Ear Price: INR 799

Best Earphones under 1000

boAt has came a long way by providing quality products, in terms of earphone they are not behind the boAt BassHeads 315 comes with super extra bass which is build by polished metal thus ensuring its durability and the earbuds ensure comfort fit wear for long duration. The cables of the earphone are superior in quality with premium coating to sustain it from damage & tangling issue. The noise cancelling microphone enables us a superior call quality & restrain session of music. The company provides you a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.

Do check the mixed Review of the user online about the boAt BassHeads 315 earphone





  • House of Marley Smile Jamaica EM-JE041-SB Price : INR 949

Best Earphones under 1000House of Marley Smile Jamaica is a Small and simple earphone with a vibrant bass & crisp music. It comes with 3 size earbuds making it easier to select the noise isolation level by selecting the best earbuds which suits your size. The earphone is mad of beech wood and aluminium with microphone and 1 button mic. It is compatible with most of the music devices and best option for earphones below 1000 Rs.

Do check the review before placing order online.








  • Evidson AudioWear B2 Black Price: INR 1000

Best Earphones under 1000The Evidson audiowear B2 gives you a crisp, vivid & rich bass effects. The earphone provides you with incredible smooth & consistent response throughout the frequency. It is a lightweight stylish earphone offering comfort and noise isolation fit to ensure best music effort. The thermoplastic cables keeps the cable tangle less.




The list of best earphones under 1000 with mic  are listed purely on the basis of customer reviews and over all specifications. If you like or want to view the article later you can just share it on your social media.


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