Best Egg Boiler in India that makes your Breakfast Easy

Boiling an egg is not a hard task any more. In this article we list our the Best Egg Boiler in India to ease you cooking experience. Electric Egg Boiler is an appliance with a flat heating plate which helps in boiling eggs faster.

It is very helpful for homes, hostels as well as hotel rooms to cook the egg faster.

The egg boiler is an ideal appliance if you are cautious about your nutritious need.

It ensures all the eggs are cooked evenly & at a quick fractions of time.

So this article on Best Egg Boiler will be of great help for those egg lovers & eaters out there.

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Best Egg Boiler & Cookers in India 2018


  • Kent Instant Egg Boiler

Best Electric Egg Boiler

Best Electric Egg Boiler

Kent is a reliable brand when it comes to electronic appliances.

The Instant Egg Boiler appliance can boil up to 7 eggs within 3 minutes.

Kent gives an option for user to boil the egg in 3 different modes: -hard, medium and soft.

The Egg Boiler is easy to use, just set the mode and it will get automatically switched off.

The automatic functions makes the Egg Boiler a safest appliance to get the egg boiled in your busy schedule.

See what the real Users of Kent Egg Boiler has to say:

See more Reviews of Kent the Best Egg Boiler in India.

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  • Russell Hobbs REG300 Egg Cooker

Russell Hobbs is our next choice for Egg Boiler which does a quality job compared to cheaper products in market.

The Egg Boiler is  safe to handle because of the automation switch off function.

Body of the Egg Boiler is made of sturdy plastic which makes it a quality product.

The products comes with a 1 year warranty.

This is what the User has to say about this Best Egg Boiler which you can avail online.

Some more Reviews of Russell Hobbs Egg Cooker.
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  • Goodway Electric Egg Boiler


Best egg boiler

Best egg boiler

The Egg Boiler is helps you boil up to 5 eggs as quick as within 7 minutes of time.

It is simple designed with easy to use because of its auto switch off function & buzzer which alerts once the egg is boiled.

The product is light in weight & compact which makes it easy to carry while on travelling or using in your kitchen.

Since it has automatic switch off function, hence safe to use appliance at your home.

This product has many buyers, here is what they have to say about the product.

More Buyer reviews of Goodway Best egg boiler here.

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  • HSR Egg Electric Egg Boiler

Top electric egg boiler

Top electric egg boiler

HSR in another option in Best Electric Egg Cooker which is made of high quality stainless steel heater.

The Electric cooker boils up to maximum 7 eggs within 7 minutes of time.

Like other best egg boiler in the list HSR also has auto switch off function which makes it safe to use.

The product is available in Pink, white and Yellow color.

Buyers have positive feedback for HSR Egg Boiler.

Easy to use product

Quick simple reliable egg steamer

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  • Shopo’s Electronic Egg Boiler

Shopo’s egg boiler ensures durability which is made of plastic and stainless steel.

The Egg Boiler allows you to cook maximum of 14 eggs at one go which is good for homes & canteens.

Egg are cooked in a fraction of 5 to 7 mins which makes the egg boiler a time saver.

We have  some comments of buyer for you to review before buying this best egg boiler.

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