Best Games under 10 mb for Android ( 2020)

It’s fun to be playing games on a smartphone and it’s more enjoying it doesn’t eats up your phone space.

In case if you are looking for games which doesn’t hamper, your phone space & can afford to shell out of a space from your phone of less than 10 mb.

Than this article is for you.

In this article we have listed the Best Games under 10 mb for Android.

These games are easily available at Google play.

Listed games will not only low in size but are fun to play.

You can easily install these games on low end or medium end android phones.

Note: These games are free but might include a few in-app purchases.

There is also a possibility that we aren’t covering this time of playing different free gambling casino games. Although, if you want more spins or a chance to play for real money – they give you that opportunity.

As per the online slots India Guide, such games often require real money deposits. Although, there are some games that are totally free to play – such as Scatter Slots. The slots games are usually not so heavy and are usually not reaching 10mb. These games can help you pass time while waiting for something or while resting. The wins are releasing happiness hormones and it seems like a win-win situation – you don’t actually have to deposit any cash to play them.

Hence you will not find such games listed on google play or on out site.

Let’s us have a look at best games under 10 mb for Android available at google play store.

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Best Games under 10 mb in India

1. Singularity – Minimalist time killer!

games under 10mb

Singularity – Minimalist time killer is 1st in our list of Best games under 10 mb.

The rating of the game is very much on the higher side.

With just a game size of 8 mb this game will kill your time and will make you addicted.

The good thing about this app is flawless in playing even in low end devices.

We will recommend this game to you if you like to have fun at space of only 10 mb.

The game is freely available in google play and here is the link to it.

Download on Google Play




2. Orbit Navigator [Best Games under 10 mb on Android]

Best Games under 10 mb

Another top rated game which is under 10 mb is orbit Navigator.

It’s a survive kind of a game wherein you need to keep yourself alive by hopping on different orbits.

The game has simple interface, but still you will be addicted to this time killer game.

The game is freely available in google play and here is the link to it.

Download on Google Play



3. Poly Path

Best Games under 10 mb in India

Third in our list of best games for Android under 10 Mb is this 7.5 Mb size game Poly Path.

Again a game which has some fantastic reviews and rating in google playstore.

Incredible amount of focus and reflexes are required to play this game.

You will counter balls which is needed to be dropped in the rings with their respective colors.

Initially the game seems to be easy, however difficult to carry out in the later stages.

You can easily download this game freely from Google Play.

Download on Google Play




4. Flapping Online

Best Games under 10 mb

Every android user must have used this well known game knows as Flapping Online.

Must say it is one among those most addictive games ever created.

Just tap the screen to make the bird fly as long as you can without getting it killed.

Really a time killer and must try game available free at google Play, Download it from below link.

Download on Google Play


5. Flow Free: Bridges

Best Games under 10 mb in India

Last in our list of Best Games under 10 Mb is Flow Free: Bridges

Another game app which is low in mb but yet keep you addicted to play it.

The game-play ranges from simple and relaxed, to challenging and frenetic, and everywhere in between.

Download the game from google play and start killing your time now.

Download on Google Play



Now it’s your Turn.

Are you using any of these best games under 10 Mb from our list?


You are having your own favorite games under 10 Mb which is not listed in our list.

Either ways do let us know under the comment section below.

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