Best Kitchen Sinks in India – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2018)

The main aspect of keeping your kitchen clean is having the Best Kitchen Sinks at your home. A bad Kitchen Sink will result in leakage which result in bad smell & wet kitchen.

When buying a Kitchen Sink please don’t compromise on price Vs quality. A bad quality Kitchen Sink may be made of bad material which can break or get  rusted.

Another aspect of buying the Best Kitchen Sink is keeping your kitchen beautiful, clean & Impressive.

With this article we share with you Kitchen Sink Reviews of 2018 to help you choose the Best Kitchen Sinks without much confusion.

Best Kitchen Sinks in India – Reviews

  • Tavish – Stainless Steel Sink Kitchen

Best Kitchen Sinks

Best Kitchen Sink

Tavish Kitchen Sink is made of 304 grade stainless steel which promises to no stain, tarnish or rust.

PriceApprox 2200 Rs
MaterialStainless Steel
Dimension24 X 18 X 9 Inch
Weight4 Kgs

Here is what Users have to say about Tavish Stainless steel Kitchen Sink.

  • 10X Matte Finish – Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

10X Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink made of highest quality which protects it from getting stain, tarnish or rust over time.

Brand10 X
PriceApprox 2200 Rs
MaterialStainless Steel
Dimension24 X 18 X 9 Inch
Weight4.5 Kgs

We found Mixed reviews about 10X Kitchen Sink by its Users.

Not to the quality and mark. Difficult to trust it’s 304 grade steel as it changed its colour. Not recommended to buy.

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  • Corona Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Made of 304 grade stainless steel Corona Stainless steel sink with stands sink resistance scratching, anti fungal and withstands everyday wear and tear.

PriceApprox 2500 Rs
MaterialStainless Steel
Dimension24 X 18 X 9 Inch
Weight4 Kgs

Buyers are really happy with this Corona one of the Best Kitchen sink you can buy online. Here are some awesome feedback from the clients.

  • Zinzer Granite Kitchen Sink

Here are some reviews of Zinzer Kitchen Sink buyers.

Just go for it!

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  • SINCORE Quartz Kitchen Sink

Sincore Kitchen Sink ensures maximum utility for your kitchen space coz of its bigger bowl size.

The acrylic material makes the Stain, rust, oxidation, Scratch, chip and impact resistant

BrandSincore Quartz
PriceApprox 7100 Rs
Dimension61 x 45.7 x 20.3 cm
Weight9 Kg

Only positive reviews are available for this Sink.

Great product

Amazing product

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