Best Beard Trimmer under 2000 Rs for your Full beard or stubble look

Have you noticed someone with perfectly trimmed beard & Mustache in this Lock down period?

Even you can have such perfect beard without spending too much during this covid 19 pandemic.

The trick lies in finding the best trimmer which will work for you.

This has been challenging because hundreds of beard trimmers are available now in the market.

However we have rounded up a handy guide considering your budget to assist you find out the Best Trimmer under 2000 Rs  in India.

These Trimmers priced below 2000 Rs won’t compromise on build quality, accessories and cutting power.

Whether you like to keep a full beard look or stubble look, this Review will make it easy for you.

Best Trimmer Below 2000 Rs – Price & Comparison

Best Trimmers under 2000 RsLatest PriceRun Time
Philips BT3221/15 Beard TrimmerRs 200090 Minutes
Mi Beard TrimmerRs 135090 Minutes
Philips QT4011/15 Beard TrimmerRs 210090 Minutes
Ustraa Chrome – Beard TrimmerRs 210090 Minutes
Ustraa Black 200 TrimmerRs 190090 Minutes

Best Trimmer Under 2000 Rs in India (Review 2020)


1. Philips BT3221/15 Beard Trimmer

Philips Dura Power BT3221/15, Best Trimmer Under 2000

Best Trimmer under 2000 Rs

In case if you are confused after checking lots of Beard trimmers online, than this one is for you.
The Philips trimmer comes with standard accessories in the box (1 Trimmer, Charger, User Manual)
Best part of the Philips BT3221 is way it is been designed, ergonomic and easy to move around.
The main reason to list this trimmer is it’s charging time of 60 mins, not like other Philips models which takes 8 hrs to charge.
The trimmer can also be used with the cord while charging.
Overall, if you are looking for best Philips trimmer under 2000 Rs then this is the value for money trimmer you should buy.
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2. Mi Beard Trimmer

Mi XXQ01HM, Best Trimmer Under 2000

Best Trimmer under 2000 Rs


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Small and compact Trimmer is what you are looking for, than MI is the right choice for you.

The trimmer has length setting up to 20 MM with 40 settings which includes 2 different combs.

A 2 hours of charging will give you an excellent battery backup of 90 mins.

The built quality of the trimmer is solid with a premium feel.

It can be easily washed after use since it has water resistant feature.

Overall it is good trimmer at a pocket friendly price.

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3. Philips QT4011/15 Beard Trimmer

Philips QT4011/15, Best Trimmer Under 2000

Best Trimmer under 2000 Rs


Super build quality and superior cutting performance this trimmer is our next choice.

The trimmer features 21 precise length settings for styling your beard.

Impressive battery backup of 45 mins by charging it for just 60 mins.

The Titanium Coated self sharpening blades of the trimmer gives a skin friendly trimming experience.

Suitable for a trimming range from 0.5 mm to 10 mm which is perfect for both stubble and long beard look.

Overall this excellent trimmer under 2000 Rs from Philips is worth buying.

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4. Ustraa Chrome – Beard Trimmer

Ustraa Chrome 300, Best Trimmer Under 2000


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When you look at this trimmer 2 things you will notice at 1st impression, one is great design and awesome build quality.

It has the best in class battery which gives 120 mins of battery backup with a charge of 1 hour.

The trimmer comes with 3 Combs, 1 Oil Bottle, 1 Cleaning Brush, User Manual, Warranty Card, Charger and Blade Protector.

Battery level indication in LCD on front side of the body is a great addition.

It work in both corded and cordless mode with the same precision.

Overall this trimmer from Ustraa has everything positive and worth trying for.

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5. Ustraa Black 200 Trimmer

Ustraa Black 200, Best Trimmer Under 2000

Best Beard Trimmer under 2000 Rs


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Another trimmer under 2000 Rs from Ustraa again with a sexy matte black finish and rubber grip handle.

With a quick charge of 60 mins the trimmer gives a cordless usage of 90 to 120 mins

It’s ABS combs are strong and lock effectively to provide a smooth, consistent and tangle free trim.

The trimmer features self sharpening stainless steel  blades which gives you the perfect trimming experience.

Company provides a warranty of 2 years for this trimmer.

Overall a stylish trimmer under 2k you want to try your hands on.

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Best Trimmer under Rs 2000 in India (Buying Guide)



Its an important feature to look for since it allows you to trim your beard in various sizes and style. Hence look for a trimmer which allows you to adjust length or comes with an attachment.

Battery Indicator

While the trimmer mentioned in our list include these feature. Look for a trimmer which comes with a battery LED indicator thereby save you from running out of power while in travelling. Since battery power in trimmer may last for 45 min hence these feature pays an important role.

Flexible Head

The trimmer with flexible heads is better than fixed heads since it allows you to choose the right head according to reach out to difficult areas and better option for dense hair.

Blade Material

Even though Platinum material blade has upper hand, but still it doesn’t mean that steel material blades are bad either. 

Replacement Blades

In our Review of Best trimmer under 2000 Rs all the trimmer comes with blade which are replaceable. This allows you to only spend on your blades rather than buying a new trimmer.



Best Trimmer Below Rs 2000 – Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can we Use these Trimmer directly when connected to Electricity switch?

A: Yes, These trimmer if run out of charge can be easily connected to electric switch & trim you hair directly.


Q: Do we have to sharpen or change these Blades?

No, these trimmer have self sharpening blades hence no need to sharpen it.


Q: Is Titanium blade better than steel Blade?

Yes, Titanium blade is better than steel blade when it comes to quality and performance.



Best Trimmers under 2000 Rs in India – Conclusion

There are many more option available  online, however I have only listed few which are the Best Trimmers under 2000 Rs Budget.

I have only listed Trust-able brands and considering the runtime which is the most important aspect of trimmer.

Since we don’t want to end up charging the trimmer after every 15 Minutes of Trimming.

Anything I Missed?

So those are my favorite best trimmer under 2000 Rs.

And now I’d like to hear from you:

Are there any beard trimmers that you love… but didn’t see on this list?

Or maybe you have a question.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.