Best Weighing Machine in India : Review

Over Weight can lead to a number of dangerous health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and some types of cancer. Hence it is very important for a person to lose weight by limiting is calorie intakes and at the same time monitoring their body weight at regular intervals. Here is where it is important for having a best weighing machine for home use to monitor your weight to sustain your health.

Weight of your body pays an important role to know where your body is shaping up to. For any health check ups or while a visit to doctor the important factor is to know the weight of the patient.

Hence it is important using the best weight scale to know the accurate weight. The more the accuracy the better it assist in treatment.

Since there are lot of weighing machine available to buy online with best digital weighing machine to choose from.

There are chances of getting confused on which best home weight machine to choose from.

To Help you choose the Best Weighing scale brand in India we have checked some top weight scale brands. After checking & researching we have compiled list of best body weight measurement machine in 2018.


Best Weighing Machine in India



  • HealthSense PS 126 Ultra-Lite Personal Scale

best weight monitor

best weighing machine

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  • Super Light-Weight and Non-Fragile
  • G Sensor for high accuracy, Sense On Technology
  • Dark Grey Backlight with White font for easy readings
  • Weigh range 5-180 Kg, Unit can be changed to KG/LB/ST
  • Healthsense India Provides Limited One Year Warranty

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  • Venus Prime lightweight Weighing Scale


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  • Super Light-Weight
  • G Sensor for high accuracy, Sense On Technology
  • LCD Display with Back Light
  • Weigh range 5-180 Kg, Unit can be changed to KG/LB/ST
  • Venus In India Provides Limited One Year Warranty 

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  • Dr. Trust Smart Fat Analyzer & Weighing Scale

Dr. Trust Weighing machine and Body Fat Analyzer works with your smartphone.

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  • Measure your weight , body fat percentage , body hydration, body muscle BMI and more.
  • It shows body weight, data including Weight, BMI, Body Fat Percentage stores to app.
  • 2 Gifts provided 1st DR TRUST USA Digital thermometer MRP 225 and body measuring tape is free.
  • Measures in: KG, Pounds
  • Maximum Weighing Capacity: 200 kg
  • Tare Function

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  • Hoffen Digital Elecronic LCD Weighing Scale

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  • High Precision Strain Gauge Sensor System
  • Capacity 2.5-180 Kg
  • Auto On Auto zero & Auto off features
  • Measures in: KG
  • Material: Glass

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  • Hesley Inc Digital Weighing Scale


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  • Immediate Readings As Soon As You Step On the Scale.
  • Measurement Range: 7Kg-180Kg
  • Auto-Power-Off, Auto-Zero, Low Battery And Overload Indicator.
  • 6Mm Thick Tempered Glass Provides Exceptional Sturdiness.

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These are some of the best weighing machine that are available in India. Please Share your views in comments and share this post with friends who are looking for best weight scale for home.