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Bluetooth 5 unbelievable speed, range & broadcasting.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group Announced:



Bluetooth 5 quadruples range, doubles speed, increases data broadcasting capacity by 800%


The release of New Version of Bluetooth technology which will be called Bluetooth 5 in coming late 2016 or early 2017. As per SIG the new version of the Bluetooth will quadruple range and double speed of connection with lower energy at the same time increasing the capacity of connectionless data broadcasts by 800%. Higher speeds will send data faster and optimize responsiveness.Extending range will deliver robust, reliable Internet of Things (IoT) connections that make full-home and building and outdoor use cases a reality. Increasing broadcast capacity will propel the next generation of “connectionless” services like beacons and location-relevant information and navigation.


SIG added that the launch of Bluetooth 5 will boost the growth of Internet and related products.

With eight times the broadcast messaging capacity, Bluetooth 5 will further propel the adoption and deployment of beacons and location-based services in the home automation, enterprise, and industrial markets. In scenarios where contextual awareness like navigation and pin-point location are crucial – such as hassle-free airport navigation experiences, asset tracking of warehouse inventory, emergency response, even smart city infrastructure that helps the visually impaired be more mobile – Bluetooth 5 will send custom information people actually find useful in that moment without connection and application barriers.


Powell Added, “Today, there are 8.2 billion Bluetooth products in use, and the enhancements in Bluetooth 5 and planned future Bluetooth technical advancements mean that Bluetooth will be in more than one-third of all installed IoT devices by 2020


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