No more buying Pulse Oximeter, mobile app launched to monitor blood oximeter and pulse rate

The need of the movement for every home & hospital our there is Pulse Oximeter.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic and now the second wave oximeter or perhaps a wearable smartwatch, to monitor one’s vitals has been the staple purchase of every one.

The sale of the oximeter since than there has been surge in demand, manufacturers have hiked prices of this vital health device.

oxiimeter sale graph

Hence, if you want to purchase a decent genuine oximeter these days you will have to spend around 2000 Rs.

If you can’t afford or find it costly, we have a good news for you.

A Kolkata based health startup has developed a CarePlix Vital’s mobile app to replace oximeter.

A clinical trial of app based oximeter was conducted by the team in Seth Sukhlal Karnani Memorial Hospital Kolkata with 1200 individuals earlier this year. “With the doctors in the hospital, the trials were mainly conducted in the OPD.

Comparisons were made to test the accuracy and it was found that CarePlix Vital was 96 percent accurate with heart beats while 98 percent accuracy in case of oxygen saturation” said Paul.

How does the CarePlix Vital’s app works?

Subhabrata Paul, Co-Founder CareNow Healthcare Explains

“We are achieving this through our smartphone’s rear camera and flashlight. If you see the wearables and oximeters have infrared light sensors in them but for the phone, we just have the flashlight. Once we cover the rear camera and flashlight with the finger and start the scan for around 40 seconds, we are doing nothing but calculating the difference of light intensity and based on the difference we plot the PPG graph. From the graph, the SpO2 and pulse rate is derived,” he added.

How to Use CarePlix Vital’s app to monitor blood oximeter and pulse rate?

Here is the step by step guide to use CarePlix Vital’s app

  • Download the CarePlix Vital’s app from below link.



  • Register your self by entering your details and email id.
  • Login to the app and select Record Vitals.

  • Place your index finger on the back of camera.

  • Cover the camera and flash light.
  • Click on start scan

  • After few seconds the result will be displayed.

Do download the app and let us know your vitals in comment section and we will let you know how safe is your health at this time.


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