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4 Easy Steps to convert YouTube videos to Mp3 Format

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YouTube has the best collection of videos be it education, movies, motivation speech and video songs.There are many such occasions when a video song or speech attracts us so much that we want to have the audio file and want to listen to the you tube video on our phone. I personally use this method to convert YouTube videos  to mp3 like tutorial, songs and speeches.

Also, downloading video uses more data and space than an audio MP3. Here is the best method to convert a YouTube video into MP3 format.

Here is how to convert YouTube videos into MP3 format

Step 1. Copy the URL of the video from the navigation bar which you want to convert to mp3.

Step 2. Go to website on your browser and paste the YouTube URL and select download.


Step 3. Now you will be prompted with a download link, just click on it once appears.


Step 4. On left side bottom of the browser your mp3 file download status will appear. So play & Enjoy once downloaded.