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This is how you can Develop Android Apps without Coding


A better programming idea and basic skills of coding is must to create an Android application which is free from bug. Things have changed now and with this article I want to share this trick on “How it is possible to develop android apps without coding?”


Thanks to “MIT App Inventor” now it is possible to develop your own Android app. “MIT App Inventor” is an open source application which is originally launched by Google and currently maintained by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This MIT App Inventor is also known as App Inventor for Android.


Now many you might be thinking that what to do now with this app and how it works. Basically, MIT App Inventor allows newcomers to computer programming to create software applications for the Android operating system.


To start using MIT App Inventor the first thing you will require is a Gmail account. Once you create account at MIT app Inventor with you Gmail account and can start creating new application project.


Now you have to connect your phone to the PC or Laptop to get a live preview of features which you are working on your PC to your phone or else you can use android emulator to test the behaviour of the generated App.


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