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Cat Owners can easily dry their Wet Phone.


It’s Monsoon and there are chances of your cell phone getting wet in water? Much familiar way to dry cell phone which most of us follow is to put it in a bag of rice, however the cat owners has an easy way which is readily available to them. Kitty litter especially which contains crystals.


Yes it contains the silica which is highly absorbent and can pull the moisture out of the phone. According to a smartphone recycling company who had conducted a research by submerging 9 smartphones in water, then put them into everyday household materials, like rice, kitty litter, and oatmeal. To everyone’s surprise crystal kitty litter did the best job of drying the phones out – and, coincidentally, rice had the worst results.


The next time if your phone is wet, you might want to invest in a bag of the crystal litter not for the cat but for the phone.


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