Easy Tips to reduce your mobile data usage on Android


Internet data plans are so expensive that after the usage we tend to check our smartphone data allowance, fear of exceeding the monthly data allowance really effects our pleasure of using internet on phone. However with our simple ways to reduce mobile data on Android, you’ll never have to worry again. Check them below.


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Tricks to reduce your mobile data usage on Android


  • Chrome page Compress 

If you use Chrome Using Data Saver option will help your data lasts longer.

  1. Launch Chrome; tap the three dots in the top right-hand corner
  2. Go down to Settings and then to Data Saver.
  3. Keep it on. That’s it

  • Opera’s video compression feature

The Opera for Android browser has come up with video compression option, which helps save lots of data. To use it, simply download the Opera browser.

  1. Go to Settings > Data savings
  2. Tick the box that says Video compression.

This setting not only saves you data, but also means that videos are more likely to load faster.


  • Uninstall the Facebook app

Facebook app is one of the biggest consumers of data, not to mention its high resource use and battery drain. So why not replace it with Tinfoil for Facebook, which is simply a web app that displays the Facebook website or just login to Chrome and use it by creating a short cut to your home screen


  • Offline apps, games and services

Use apps and games that don’t require internet access at all after the initial download.


  • Restrict background data

The easiest way to save data is to stop your apps from consuming background data. By restricting Background data the  apps: email syncing, feeds updating, weather widgets and so on will stop working on background and this will save a lot of Data and battery power.


  • Using Wi-Fi hotspots

Open Wi-Fi networks are a great way to save data, More restaurants and clubs are providing Wi-Fi connectivity all the time and these hotspots are easy to find on your Android device. So stop your data connection and open the Wi-Fi menu and Simply tap one Wi-Fi hotspot which are openly available to use you will recognize these wi-fi which are without lock sign.


  • Monitor & Remove high Data consuming apps

Its better to un-install the apps which is rarely been used but consume lots of data.In Settings > Data usage you can get a look at the apps which are consuming the most data both in the foreground and the background. This can be really useful for knowing which apps you should delete.


  • Limit Streaming & start Download music on your phone

Streaming services like YouTube, Spotify, saavn and other video and music sites are huge data killers. its recommended to download the music or video on your phone as streaming will consume lot of battery and data on your phone.


  • Navigate Maps offline

Google Maps can use up quite a bit of your mobile data if you’re not careful, but thankfully it is possible to use Google Maps offline. There are many apps in google play store available which helps to navigate maps offline.


  • Disable auto-updating apps in Play store

If you have the Play Store set to auto-update apps to data connection will unknowingly eat up your data drastically.To check, go to the Play Store.

  1. Tap Settings and at the top, you’ll seeAuto-Update Apps.
  2. Tap this and make sure you either have it set to ‘Do not auto-update apps’ or ‘Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only’.


Do you have any great tips to share to limit the usage of data on Android ? Let us know in the comments.



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