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Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Comes Up with a way to Counter Fake News

As per the article in FB news room Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced using new tools to counter and tackle fake news which are published in Facebook, such fake news are disturbing and creates a negative impact on the use of Facebook.

Zuckerberg further confirms that it is his and his team’s responsibility to make sure Facebook has the greatest positive impact on the world.

Coming to the new tools it is expected to allow the users to report misleading stories, which will be sent to third-party fact-checking organizations, which will flag stories that are hoax. If the fact checkers agree a story is a hoax, you’ll see a flag on the story saying it has been disputed, and that story may be less likely to show up in News Feed.

These steps will help make spreading misinformation less profitable for spammers who make money by getting more people to visit their sites.

You can read more about all of these updates here:

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