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Facebook Messenger gets “M” a new assistant

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Facebook Messenger has released a new assistant calledMessenger M”. We’re actually quite glad it was not namedM assistant. But anyway, the premise of is: you can receive suggestions to take actions based on the context of your conversation. All this sounds quite familiar is starts with”Googleand ends withAssistant“.

No, no, M is not a fully-fledged smartphone assistant.

It’s more like Google Assistant’s debut in Google Allo when it first came out.

M can offer suggestions via a pop-up bubble that can send money to yourfriends, request a car with ride-share apps, and coordinate plans with friends.

Tap on the suggestion bubble, and you don’t have to dig through chat menus totemporarily share your pin-drop.

Starting today, the following core features will be available on Messenger M:

  • Sticker suggestions
  • Requesting or sending money
  • Location sharing
  • Making plans with a friend (sets a reminder for recipients of the chat)
  • making polls in group chats
  • Requesting a ride from Uber or Lyft

Currently, Messenger M is now rolling out to all iOS and Android users in the United States.

If you’re not crazy about any of the M features, you can easily mute the assistant in M’s settings.



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