13 Facebook Messenger Tricks That You May Not Heard Of

In this article we would share some recent Facebook Messenger Tricks which you have never tried off.

Facebook messenger app is the 2nd famous after Facebook App which is been used world wide.

A Chatting app which it was initially been know for and used for so many years.


Zuck & Co. has some other plans, by introducing some creative features to keep the user engaged.

Here is what you need to know…

Facebook Messenger Tricks you never knew off


  • Play with your friends or play solo

Facebook Messenger Tricks

Facebook Messenger allows user to play games on Messenger app.

You can invite you friend to a game and challenge them on Facebook Messenger App.

Just open the chat widow and click on the 4 dots appearing on the left of the chat window.

Than select the games icon below the screen, you are ready to play.

  • Chat on Messenger from a PC

Facebook Messenger Tricks

This is helpful when you are not with your smartphone or running out of battery.

Just simply log on to messenger.com and you are ready to chat online.

Even though it will not have all the functionality of the Facebook messenger app.


It will get the job done.

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  • Send short Videos

The Facebook messenger allows you to create a 15 second short video.

Just launch the Facebook messenger app and click on camera icon.

Simply hold the center icon to shoot the video.

The app also allows to select filters and use other customization while shooting the video.


  • Send Audio Messages

Like Whatsapp Facebook messenger app also allows user to send audio messages.

Simply click on the 4 dot appearing on the chat window.

Select the record audio option and send it to your buddy you are chatting with.

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  • Transfer Files

The Facebook messenger service once used the web version will allow you to transfer files.

Files you may transfer includes Microsoft Word documents, Photoshop files, and even videos.

Facebook messenger app user will be able to views these files on mobile.


Messenger App allows only to send photos while selecting the attach file option.




  • Managing Groups

Facebook messenger app allows you to create groups for group chat.

This feature allows you to stay connected with your school or college mate.

Just you have to create a group and you will able to chat with all at one go.




  • Send Your Location

Facebook messenger allows you to send your current location via messenger chat.

Just launch the chat window and select the 4 dots on the left.

Select the Map option wherein you will be asked app permission to access map and send via messenger.

You can select the duration for which you want to share the location.



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  • Create Poll on Facebook Messenger

One of my favorite Facebook messenger tricks i use constantly.

This feature allows you to get response while on group chat.

Messenger allows you to create polls through stories.

Create a new story and a Polls option will be available under the Text menu.

After adding question, use Messenger’s privacy options to only allow certain people to see it.



  • Read Receipts

Through this feature the sender of the message gets to know if the sent message has been read by the receiver.

You just need to tap on the message you have sent.

The message will say “Seen” and a small version of your friend’s profile picture will appear next to your message after it’s been read.



  • Use Messenger as SMS App

In case if you don’t like the default Messaging app look on your phone.

You can now use messenger app as your default messaging app.

It will make you feel as though your are chatting on FB messenger.

Just Tap your chat head and select SMS, and toggle on “Default SMS app.”





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  • Make Phone, Video Calls

No need of using the phone to call or for an online video call.

You can directly make a call & video call directly from the Facebook messenger app.

Just open the chat window of the person you want to call, right side  top you can see a call or video icon.

Do a tap on this icon and make a call accordingly.



  • Transfer & Receive Money Through Messenger

Tap your photo icon on the left side of the messenger app.

Select payments and updated you bank or pay-pal account details.

Than open the chat window of the person you want to send payment to.

Next to the text field select the $ icon to send the payment to your contact.



  • Scan a Code on Facebook Messenger

Scan the profile of a friend you accidentally met with.

Just scan the code and you are ready to chat.

To see your code, tap your profile photo on the top left (iOS) or right (Android)—it’s on the bottom on iPad.

Here you’ll find your personalized code with your Facebook profile pic in the middle.

Just tap to see the pop-up page with two tabs.

The “My Code” tab to allow others to scan, while the “Scan Code” tab will scan other’s code.


Did you know about these Facebook Messenger Tricks? What are some Facebook Messenger Tricks that you enjoy using? Please leave a comment!

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