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Facebook Rolling Out Live Video Feature to Android.

Facebook recently started expanding the reach of its Live Video feature outside US to other countries. To enhance the importance of this feature, it now has started tweaking millions of users’ News Feed as well.

Facebook Live feature for now is limited to verified Pages and public figures using Mentions. “We do not expect Pages to see significant changes as a result of this update,” the post added.

Last month Facebook had announce that the Live Video feature will be additionally rolling it out to 30 more countries. Previously, it already started rolling out the feature to countries other than the US. The company added that the feature will also be arriving to Android devices starting next week. The social network will be rolling out the Live Video streaming feature to its Android users in the US followed by other countries soon.

Facebook Live Videos work in a similar fashion as Twitter’s Periscope. Users can check if they have the live streaming tool by tapping on the Update Status bar at the top of the News Feed and looking for the Live Video icon.