Facebook Hacks You Need to know Right Now in 2016.

Facebook Tricks & Tips 2016.


Facebook a Social networking website allows you to connect with anyone all around the Globe and Chat with them, Share Videos & movies and many more. Guys Here Today We Share the Compilation of all Latest Facebook Tricks & Tips 2016.

Check Out the Below List of All Facebook Tricks and Hacks. From These Tricks May be some of Them Helpful to You.

  • Check public photos of you floating around.

Go to your Activity Log, select “photos,” then “photos of you,” then “public.” This’ll let you know your tagged or uploaded photos which is visible to all, must you have forgot about it but still floating the web.


  • Block annoying content from your feed.

Download this extension and enter terms you want blocked on your page. To customize which stories show up, click on the “F.B. Purity” link and select what you want hidden; the interface is extremely intuitive.


  • Hide specific statuses from people.

When you’re about to post, click the “Friends” button in the lower-right corner, then “More Options,” then “Custom.” From there you can choose specific people to hide that post from. Ensure to change this settings for the next post or facebook will save it as default for all posts.


  • Save videos you want to watch later.

Facebook has a feature that lets you bookmark videos and stories to view later by clicking the downward arrow on the upper right of the video or story and select “save video.” You can access all saved content later under the navigation bar.


  • Disable message-read receipts.

We have some facebook friends whom we don’t want to respond and we don’t want them to know that we have read their message This Chrome app (for desktop only, sadly) makes your wish possible to disable the read receipts.


  • Get notified when someone unfriends you.

This extension will let you know by adding a “lost friends” tab to your page. Will be notified when someone unfriends you.

  • Clear your search history.

Click the downward triangle on the upper-right corner of your page and select “Activity Log.” Hidden under the unassuming name “more” on the left hand bar you’ll find “search.” Behold, all of your dirty pages / ex-girl or boy friends saved in history. And while it’s not visible to the public, you can clear your searches one by one and destroy the evidence.


  • Make a friend’s album.

If you want to make all your friend’s photos from that trip you took together, download this Chrome extension that lets you zip them to your desktop, rather than saving each image one by one.


  • Be invisible on chat to only certain people.

Click the settings wheel in your chat bar, and go to Advanced Settings. From there, you can turn off chat for everyone and select friends whom you want to see you visible.


  • Stop apps from posting on your behalf.

Go into Settings, clicking the Apps section on the left-hand bar, selecting the app in question, scrolling down to the “This App Can,” and un-ticking “Post.”

  • Download your entire Facebook history.

Go to Settings, General, and click “Download a copy” to get a zip file of all the goods.


  • See what your profile looks like to the public.

Go to your cover photo, click those three dots, and select “View as” to see what exactly you’re showing the world.


  • Invite all your friends to like a page at once.

Open up your console in Firefox with the command Ctrl+Shift+K.  A window will appear where you can enter the below code to avoid inviting people one by one:

javascript:elms=document.getElementsByName(“checkableitems[]”);for (i=0;i < elms.length;i++){if (elms[i].type=”checkbox” )elms[i].click()};


  • Block obnoxious app invites.

If you’ve had it with all those candy crush invites from your friends and don’t have the heart to unfriend or tell them than just follow this. In your settings, click “Blocking” on the left-hand bar and type the name of your invite-happy friend(s) in the “Block app invites” section.

Here is the best Facebook Tricks 2016 & Facebook Hacks and stay connected with us for latest facebook tricks. If i missed any best facebook trick let me know in the comments below.