How to find battery consumption apps and its solution

The battery of a Smartphone plays a major role on the success of that particular Smartphone. We tend to find our own ways like using a travel charger or power bank to sustain the battery power in our phone. Many companies are coming up with much improved batteries to survive in the competition. Apps which you are carrying on your smart phones are not always easy to identify. This article will explain how to detect the battery draining apps and its resolution.

To discover which apps are consuming most battery please check the below options.

  • Go to your Android Settingsmenu
  • Hit Power Management(or just Battery, depending on your device)
  • Select power consumption details.
  • You will see a list of apps and features.



Once you’ve found an application which consumes a lot of battery, Just Go to Settings hit Applications, find the app in question and tap it. You can opt for a less aggressive solution like deleting some of the data or clearing the cache, force-stop the app and restart.

In case if still the above doesn’t make a drastic change to your smartphone battery, just try to reduce the brightness of you phone screen as well as set the time at a lower level for the amount of time it stays active for.



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