Five Android Apps Are Killing Your Battery

Most of you are very much aware about Facebook, Spotify and Clean Master which are known for draining the battery life of your Android device. Today I want to share you some more apps which are tempting to be kept and used for your Android phone but are causing a serious harm to the battery of your phone.

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  • Snapchat App



Snapchat has been the talk of the year as it is fun to use, but you will be not belive when I tell you that it not only uses lots of space on your memory as well it suck your battery life to a great extent. This app rated as 1st position in draining the battery of your phone. Not only that the amount of your mobile data which the apps consumes will drain out you monthly usage limit. Just by going to settings > mobile data you might be surprised by the result.



  • Amazon Shopping App

amazon app
The Amazon Shopping app is a little time bomb which sneaks in your battery life, although you might not be using the app on a regular basis or rarely, However Amazon app will be working on background so that the app remains up to date with current offers and promotions. The application is not that smooth with the Android device and needs some more updates.



  • Netflix




This is not a surprise as a fact the Netflix is an online movie playing app which will use lots of data to play the movie online. The more the data used by the app the more the battery consumption. The display brightness majorly sucks the device power. Just try to reduce the bright ness of display when you are using Netflix in dark area which might help you to reduce the damage to some extent.



  • BBC News



The bad news is that the BBC News app is a battery killer. This is something which some people can’t avoiding using, as this is the one of the reliable source to get latest news. However they can just open the BBC new website on there browser and create as short cut for the same on the home screen and this would work same as the app.



  • Outlook



Android already has a default app to retrieve your emails. It is not advisable to use a second app only to check your email. An Outlook app sucks a lot of power and data from your device as it continuously runs at background when sync or it downloads the whole data from start till time when you are online.

You don’t actually need the Outlook app, though. You can use the default Android email app to retrieve those emails.

Hope you like the article which is purely experienced by me. I know you will also have some app experience to share which you discovered as battery consuming app? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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