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First Look of Foldable smartphone & Tablet Concept | LENOVO

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At Lenovo Tech World in San Francisco this year the company has come up with a cool concept. Yes these are just concepts which won’t be available in market  very soon.


Lenovo Tech World concept 2016


The concepts roles on to two smartphone one been a fold able smartphone and other been a Tablet.


lenovo foldable concept1


Fold able Smartphone –  It will look flat from the front like a normal android phone, however the back of the phone chassis bends which make the phone flexible. The concept is practical in its means as when the phone is bended the display start changing it operation and the display and the apps adapts to the bended phone.




The other concept of a fold able Tablet is really unique in it means, as the concept help you to fold the tablet and use it as a normal size phone. Make it easier to the user to speak on phone and easy to carry.




These are pretty cool concepts which is not coming to you so soon.But yes we can imagine them to be pricey, but than it will be really cool to see these devices bending.

Do you think the concept is worth to go for? Will you spend some extra money to get a hand on the fold able phone? Do let us know on the comment section.


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