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Google Assistant update arrives OTA on a OnePlus 3

Google Assistant update.

As we all are aware by now , Google is rolling out Google Assistant to all Android handsets powered by Android 6.0 or higher. As it is being done as an OTA update to Google Play Services, it will not require a lengthy testing period for carriers and phone manufacturers.

One of a loyal readers of PA has dropped them a note tonight to inform that he has received Google Assistant for his OnePlus 3.

Google Assistant is the latest AI virtual personal assistant for Android users.  Assistant is more conversational which makes it different from Google Now.

Almost 500 million Android devices slated to receive Google Assistant, it might take some time before the update hits your phone.

Google Assistant

Still, as we can see from our tipster’s OnePlus 3, the update is indeed beginning to land on Android handsets.

Source: PA

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