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Google Flights will now tell you when flight fares will get cheaper

It is indeed a difficult task to buy flight tickets at the best rates online. If you believe that booking tickets well in advance will save you money than you are wrong there are been days where tickets fare are lesser which are booked a week prior. So fact is it is difficult predict the flight fares.

However this new feature from Google’s flight-searching tool has taken the hassle out for booking the best time and best fare for your flights. The search engine will now tell you when the price of a flight is expected to rise, or allow you to track flights by email to keep you informed when is the best time to book your flight.


The service is a new feature of Google Flights, the search engine’s own price comparison tool that rivals Skyscanner and Kayak. When selecting a particular route, the search results may display a notification saying when prices may rise, based on historical flight data. Tapping the notification will give you details about how likely the price rise is and by when price will come down.



Google Flights price alerts even at the time of booking when you are almost booking the ticket it will tell you what will be the rate if you book it after couple of hours. The service is most useful for monitoring price rises when buying tickets in the weeks & if you are buying tickets in advance better to set up an alert.


The company says the feature will become available in the coming weeks

Source : Google Blog