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Google’s Now Launcher soon will be removed from the Play Store

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In an email sent to GMS accomplices, Google clarifies that Google Now Launcher will be ended over the timetable beginning Q1 2017 wherein it will be unpublished from the Google Play store – anyway it will keep accepting overhauls by means of the Google App for Android. This could be sign that there will be no significant overhauls going to the Google Now Launcher, however only few changes here and there inside it.


Google Now Launcher will likewise be expelled from Google Mobile Services (GMS), which are utilized by OEMs to manufacture their own particular Android gadget. New gadgets with Google Now Launcher won’t be endorsed by Google however there’s an exit plan for OEM accomplices who might need to utilize Google’s Search Launcher Services library for their own particular stock launchers.


Anyway, the outsider application launchers like Nova Launcher, Go Launcher can be then again utilized too. As we specified, one of the two launchers from Google – Pixel Launcher – will in any case be accessible, however just for the Pixel cell phone clients. There’s no data whether Google is wanting to open utilization of Pixel Launcher by different gadgets.