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Google rethinks Project Ara modular smartphones

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Project Ara a modular device which promised to allow us to easily swap essential parts of the phone when out dated, essentially was providing a dream smartphone which enabled easy upgrades and replaceable parts. If the smartphone is running out with an out dated parts camera, processer becomes old it would have been great to just replace it instead of the whole phone.

The Ambition which Google shown us through Project ARA was perhaps beyond Reach


Since 2014 the Project Ara was in doubt if this project will come in implementation after many test failures now the company is in double mind about the launch of such modular phone.


Google has rethought its plans for a modular smartphone and now plans to release a less customisable model than it had first proposed.

The revised Project Ara handset no longer allows its main display or processors to be swapped out. There will be six swappable modules on the back, all using the same connector so anything goes anywhere. Ejecting modules is fully controlled by software, meaning even a voice command to eject modules will work out.

Google is now promising to release a developers’ edition of the phone and “a few” modules before the end of the year, and aims to sell a version to the public in 2017.


Do you think Google had over ambition with their Project Ara smartphone? Or they failed to implement the project? Let me know in the comments.


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