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Google offline search feature to sort spotty internet access


Google has come a long way in terms of  internet connectivity in bringing the world together. Features like offline playback on YouTube, the data saver on Google Chrome and the introduction of free Wi-Fi in multiple locations in India, Google is some of the greatest changes introduced by Google.

It is not stopping over there, to add on it Google’s offline search mode is been introduced recently. Don’t be confused after reading the term “offline search mode”


It is new features that will allow the user to type there search terms which in turn Google will display the result one your phone or device is online again. Together with the data saver features, Google’s offline search should ease the problems of commuting and spotty connections to some degree.

Image: Googlegogole

According to Google the new features would not affect the battery life of your Smartphone. Results displayed will be in the form of streamlined search pages, which are lighter on your network as well as on your phone.

The new offline search feature is already available on Android devices running the latest version of the Google search app.

Do give it a try out and let us know your thoughts on it.