How to attach files in Gmail android?

Hi Everyone,

Not finding the option to attach files in Android Gmail App. Like you all I was also stuck at one point when I was not able to attach any files using android Gmail. To send that particular file I use to go to my files on the phone and select the particular file which I wanted to send and select send by Gmail. But this option will not help incase if you want to reply any email. A new email will be created using this option.

This is because the Gmail app will only allow you to access or attach the files which is in your gallery i.e photos and Videos.




Luckily we have a option available wherin we can download awsome file explorer which are available in Google Play. These file explorer will make extentions to attach any files on your android device to your email without losing the trail of the email.

These are some good collection of file explorer which is available free from play store you can choose from.

I personally recommend and one of my favorite is ES File Explorer File Manager.

  1. ES File Explorer File Manager

  2. es file exploreFile Manager

  3. file manager

    X-plore File Manager

file manager

So here we go with the solution.


  • Once the file explorer is installed, please go to the Gmail app and open the email in which you want to attach the file.
  • Click on the attachment symbol on the right top.




  • You will get a pop with 2 options now 1st option with the gallery and 2nd with the installed file explorer.



  • Select the file explorer option.
  • Now navigate to the folder where the attachment is stored.


  • Select the file and click ok.


That’s it your email with file attached is ready to be sent. Hope the above helped.

Do send in your suggestion and comments below.