How to Backup your Text messages to your Gmail account

Today the use of inbuilt messaging apps has drastically reduced due to introduction of many social and messaging apps which provide messaging and chatting features free of cost. However the inbuilt messaging feature is still an important aspect of our smartphone as many security alert related to our online account, verification code and banking alerts are yet been communicated by the inbuilt messaging system. Therefore it is very important for us to back up these SMS as it contains vital data which can be lost by accidentally deleting it or formatting your phone or when replacing your phone.


However there is a method which will allow you to keep a backup of your SMS just by using your Google account.


Step 1. Use your gmail account to login from your PC.


Step 2. From the right select the “settings“ as shown in the image below.


sms backup


Step 3. Click on forwarding and POP/IMAP from top and than select Enable IMAP service in your google account as shown on the below screenshot.


sms backup 1




sms backup 2


Step 4. Next download and install the app SMS backup+ from play store Launch the app & Click on Connect option and it will prompt you to select your gmail account.


sms backup


Step 5. Now just grant permission to the app to access google account details.


sms backup1


Step 6. App will prompt to backup with a pop as shown below select the backup option & That’ s it.

sms backup2


Step 7. Go back to your Gmail Account from PC, a new folder with “SMS” label will be added on the Gmail menu and all the SMS will reflect over here.

sms backup2



Once the backup is created, in case if you need to restore the SMS and call logs just Go to SMS Backup+ and tap on restore button.

This will instantly restore all your messages and call logs on your android smartphone.


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