How to Block Particular Websites On Your Windows Computer?

Today I am going to share an article on process of blocking sites on your computer. We all have computers and laptops at home which we share with our parents or children. Parents want to ensure that the Computer or Laptops are not misused by children. By following the below step you will be able to prevent anyone to access the unwanted sites from your Computer or Laptop. Just follow the below step by step tutorial.


How to Block Particular Websites On Your Windows Computer?


Step 1.  Click on start and type “Windows explorer” and open windows system drive. Browse the host file from the location C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc.


Step 2. Now you will see few files over there, copy the “host” file over and take a backup of it.




Step 3. Now open the “Host” file and edit it with a notepad.




Step 4. Type, tap the spacebar once and then type the address of a website you want to block. For example, to block all traffic from Twitter, type127.0.0.1 on this line. And Save it. That’s it.



We can put many websites to block the access from PC. In case if you want to unblock any listed website simply edit the “host” file and remove the desired website to be unblocked.

Trust the above method was simple to be implemented. Please let me know on the comment section below incase of any issues.




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