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How to check Wi-Fi signal strength on Apple TV.

We all surf music and watch movies online on our apple TV and have faced issue with our apple TV not being able to stream videos coz of weak WIFI signal strength. To ensure that our device get the best signal strength we can just do a quick check on the signal strength.

How to check Wi-Fi signal strength on Apple TV


Go to Settings -> General -> About.


This will take you to the information screen about your device, at the very bottom under the Signal Strength heading. The signal is represented by small dots. The more dots present, the stronger the signal (maximum is 5).


If you notice that some part of your home has the best signal strength while some it is somewhere around 2 to 3 dots. In order to get the best streaming experience it recommended to know the place at home where you will get a better WIFI signal strength.

Not only it will affect the streaming of the video, but you will face issues on download of movies, apps and soon which is really frustrating.

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