How To Find Your Lost Android Phone when on Silent Mode?

Find Your Android Phone Even On Silent Mode

Today we are going to share an article which will help you to find your android phone just by sending a simple text to your phone. This really works so let’s get started.


Using Ring My Droid App


  • You will need to 1st download a cool android app for this work that is Ring My Droid from the play store.


  • After installing open the app and you will see the screen asking Set the key Phrase which is just a secret message that will ring up your android when it get’s delivered on your device.




  • After entering the key phrase click on set and now whenever you can’t trace the phone on silent mode just use another phone or get on of your friends to SMS your Key Phrase to your phone.

  • Once you receive you android phone click on “found phone” and your phone stop ringing.




So don’t wait for the phone to be lost on silent mode just download the app and configure your message and trace your phone the smartest way.