How to hide and keep your WhatsApp DP Secure

WhatsApp is one of the greatest and most used Application all around the world. The popularity the application has received is tremendous. With the popularity there are some security concern which is involved in using this Application. One of them was when I noticed a collection of Whatsapp profile picture saved in some one’s phone whom you never met.  Yes this is something to be concerned about as we have come through many news wherein people use these photos for fake account on social sites. So how do we hide whatsapp profile picture from these Users.

With the rising use of the application Whatsapp now has strengthen their security settings which only few users are aware of.

Today in this article I will help you to hide or limit your Whatsapp profile pictures to people who you wish to.

How to Hide WhatsApp Profile Picture?


Here’s  the trick to all Whatsapp user on how to hide Whatsapp Profile Picture.


Step 1 : Launch the Whatsapp on your phone.


Step 2 : Select the three dots on the right corner of the Whatsapp.

whatsapp dp hide


Step 3 : You will need to select the settings option and go to Settings – Account – privacy.


Step 4 : Here it is now you will be asked the audience who can view your profile picture.


Step 5 : To keep your profile picture secure you can select the My contact option.

Hide profile picture in WhatsApp


Note: In case if you don’t want to show the profile picture to any particular contact on your phone, the wise things is to delete that particular number from your contact.


By doing this tweak even though if your number is been shared with someone else. They will not be able to view your Whats-app DP until and unless you have their number saved on the phone.

Hope this article on how to hide whatsapp profile picture was helpful.

Do you have any questions or issues while tweaking these settings

Or any additional tips which would help the whatsapp user.

Either ways do let us know on the comment section below.


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