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Perhaps you just simply want see the password to your Wi-Fi network on your friends phone who has access to the Wi-Fi in your office and neither the IT person is ready to tell the password nor does your friend knows what the IT person has entered as a password on your phone. Whatever your reason, don’t worry: with root access, you can access the unencrypted conf- file that contains the Wi-Fi codes.

Step 1: root your phone

Rooting the phone will give access to the file with the Wi-Fi access code which is located in an area of the file. Below you find the link on how to root your smartphone in the following article.


Step 2: call the root directory


Download Amaze File Manager to open the conf-file as a text file as the pre installed file manager can’t open this type of file.

First, you must authorize the file explorer to open the root directory. The option is at the bottom of the app settings. Next, go into the directory tree following the path: data misc wifi. In this folder, find the file named wpa_supplicant.conf. This file contains all the networks in the plain text. The Wi-Fi passwords are also displayed here.




Alternative: see your Wi-Fi password through an app

The Wi-Fi Key Recovery app can display your stored wireless passwords, assuming it’s given root privileges. This makes it superior to normal Wi-Fi management, which you can see in the screenshots below.



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