How To Reset An App And Delete An App Data.

Reset An App And Delete App Data


Reset An Android App – Resetting is an inbuilt feature available in all devices which will not delete the app. However these option are used when someone wants to delete the history or data which is saved on a particular app. Reset feature is mostly used in apps related to social chat, games and Live videos apps to clear the history you know it why? Lol

The major use of the this feature is when the app misbehaves and stop responding so these option works well to make the app behave the way it was initially installed.

To use this feature you won’t require any additional app or rooted device as this option is available in any android device. It really easy to do and here is how to do it.


Steps to Reset android App Data.


Step 1 : Go to the settings option on your android device.


Step 2 : Select the apps or application manager. (depends on phone)




Step 3 : You will get a list of Apps which is installed on your phone




Step 4 : Select the app which you want to reset from the list.



Step 5 : Here you will find the option to “Clear the data”



Selecting the Clear Data will show you a warning message that you are about to delete all the data in the app




Step 7 : Select the OK option and the application will be reset.


Now when you will launch the app again you will see the way as it is newly installed on your phone. This method will also help you to reduce some extra memory stored in your app.


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