How to: Stop Your Android Device from Overheating

It is not something to ignore when your Smartphone start gets heating, however if we try to know the cause of the heat we will be surely able to solve the heating issue and can stop this from happening in future.


Today I am going to share some causes of device getting heating and how to solve this.


Firstly we will want to know


        What’s the Cause of the Heat?

  • To trouble shoot the issue 1st thing we need to do is to identify the cause of heating, in case if you are not running heavy application on device make sure you kill any apps which is running in background.
  • The major cause of battery issue is face when your device tends to lack any cooling systems such as fan which is available is Computers.
  • Games normally are heavy in graphic and try to use the maximum limit of your device and this leads to overheating of issues on handset unless your handset is compatible with the heavy graphic of the games.
  • The apps installed in your device need to be updated as and when updates are available, an outdated application or software may be defective and could potentially be the cause.
  • Too much browsing is also a cause for phone overheating, web pages with High quality images, videos and advertisement is also another cause for heating of the your smartphones.

    Heating while Charging

  • If your device needs to be charged the first thing to do is close all the apps and avoid usage of phone while charging.
  • A small amount of heat is normal when the device is kept for charging.
  • Avoid attending to calls when the phone is kept on charging as we are aware of many stories wherein the phones have exploded when used on charging mode.
  • To get the battery charged fast it is advisable to charge the phone on switched off mode.
  • In case if the phone is still getting overheated after following the above method it’s better to remove the charger and charger the phone on intervals.

Possible chances are that the battery is defective and needs to be replaced.


       Will Heating Damage My Phone?

  • If you notice slight change in temperature while charging or playing games it is unlikely to cause any damage to phone
  • The phone tends to explode if the heat is too much caused due to third party charging wires and hardware fault.
  • Heating can cause the phone to get switched off automatically which makes you feel of defective handset.
  • Overheating will damage the battery lift and once damaged there is no way to get the battery back as it was.


        Temperature Monitoring Apps for Android

There is an App which is available in Google play which has received awesome reviews from the user. The app is Cool Master which is a Professional temperature monitoring and controlling app that detects and closes heavy resource consuming apps to reduce CPU usage and lower phone temperature. This will help you a lot on cooling the temperature of phone to a great extent.

cool master


If your device is rooted, you could always go for Coolify, which is a one-click app that aims to optimize your device. It might seem like magic, but it has helped lots of users to keep their device cool.


If we’ve missed an easy way to keep your device cool, or you have questions about the article, let us know in the comments section below

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