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This time Iphone 7 bursts into flames inside a car in Australia

News of The Galaxy Note 7 destroying a car is not new for all of you after the incident at Australia. This time again from the same country An Australian surfer reported of his new iPhone 7 recently set the interior of his car on fire.

The car was destroyed. Image: 7news

The car was destroyed. Image: 7news

According to Yahoo7News, Mat Jones, was learning surfing and left the iPhone 7 in his car under a pile of Jones’ clothes where it presumably overheated and caught clothing on fire. In the images above, the car interior was destroyed cause of the flames from iPhone 7.

VIDEO Apple investigating after Aussie surfer’s iPhone explodes. Source: 7news

A third party charger?

Normally these things occur if you are charging your phone via third party charger, this time that was not the case as Jones told Yahoo7News that he wasn’t using any third party charger and neither the phone was kept charging. He’s sure and confident that the iPhone 7 was the source of the flames, not some other devices or outside source… like a cigarette. Jones told the news that there has not been any mishaps from his side which have damaged something internally.

Reports of couple of iPhone fires are been reported, but it is not that as the number of Galaxy Note 7. We’ll let you know if any more such incidents are reported.