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Your iPhone Eligible For A Free Battery Replacement? Here’s How To Find Out

Finally apple has responded to issue of iPhone 6 been shutting down unexpectedly. The problem was detected to be faulty battery that had let the device to automatically shutting down this are estimated to be the “iPhone 6 devices” that were manufactured in 2015.

Following which Apple launched a free battery replacement program for the affected iPhones 6 at the end of November, However the customers where been asked to visit the nearest iPhone store with their defected iPhones to check if they are eligible for a free replacement of batteries. This is a major concern coz all iPhone user don’t have an iPhone store nearby.

To which now Apple has made it easier, with online verification. Here’s what you need to do to find out if your iPhone 6s is eligible for a free battery replacement.

  • Have your iPhone’s serial number ready. Of course most of us don’t have that info handy. To find it, go to Settingson your iPhone, navigate to General and About. The serial number is listed and you can even copy it for easier entry.

You’ll need your iPhone’s serial number (Credit: Apple)


Enter your iPhone 6s serial number online to find out if you get a free battery replacement (Credit: Forbes)

That’s it! You will get a message confirming if your iPhone is eligible for a replacement. Once you know that your device is eligible than it’s time for you to walk to the nearest iPhone store and claim for battery replacement.


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