Share & watch videos on television the wireless way using your android phone …

My nScreen is multi-screen interaction android application which contains “Media sharing “, “Remote control” and other applications to Connect & Watch Videos on Television . Through Media Sharing application , you can share the video / music / picture in your smart phone to TV with your family & friend , and you can use the smart phone as a remote control unit to operate TV by Remote Control application.

my nscreen

Connect & Watch Videos on Television

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Detail steps of media sharing:

1.Click “My nSreen” on phone. Connect phone with TV via same Wi-Fi;(not same Wi-Fi ,should be same Home network)
2.Click “Media Sharing” to browse media files;

  1. Send media to TV to playback. (with one of the following options)
    a)Drag & Drop folder/file to the TV icon on top of the screen;
    b)Swing phone towards TV to launch the first file;
    c)Play the media on phone and click the TV sharing icon;
  2. While playing on TV, shake the phone to play previous or next file.

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Detail steps of Remote Control
1. Click “My nScreen” on phone. Connect phone with TV via same Wi-Fi;
2. Click “Remote Control” to operate TV.
Check out the Demo video.

 Connect & Watch Videos on Television


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