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You Can Customize Facebook Reactions With Your Own Emojis.

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This possible by  a new browser extension available only in Chrome or Firefox which allows you to use customized reaction with different characters by replacing the facebook emojis.

How to use custom Facebook reaction?

Just follow the below simple steps to replace the Facebook emojis by using the Chrome or Firefox browser.


  1. Open the Chrome or Firefox Browser in your computer .
  2. Download the extension for |Chrome | Firefox and install it !
  3. Go to the website Reaction Packsand pick any emoji collection that you want on your news-feed.
  4. Refresh the Facebook Tab and Hover over like button, now you will see the emojis which you selected from Reactions Packs Website.

In order to see this emojis it is necessary that the other person has installed the extention on his browser. Currently this feature is not available for the mobile version or the Facebook app.

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