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One In-Built tweak will increase storage space in Iphone

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How to increase storage on your iPhone with this unusual hack


You will amazed by this unusual hack which will allow you to increase the Storage space in your Iphone.


To start with the trick go the menu of your IPhone Select Settings > General > About, and scroll down to ‘Available’.

Now just make a note of the storage space available on your device. Then launch the iTune store on your iPhone.




Here is the tweak now, just search for the movie which is large in size than the memory left on your iPhone. For example as per the picture the memory left in iPhone is 3.8 GB. So try to search for a movie above 4 GB.

Select ‘Rent’ from the options available. Don’t worry — if you don’t have Storage space, you won’t be charged, and will be getting an error message flashing on the screen.


Select “OK”and you will be surprised when you go back to check the storage space available now. You will be amazed by your storage space available now.


According to a discussion in on-line Forum iPhone tend to clear cache automatically when we go through the above mentioned process.

Hope the article was helpful for all of you. Please try this and let me know on the below comment section  the GB  now available on your phone.


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