Reduce Mobile Data Consumption on Facebook

As all of you know Facebook app consumes lots of data which will drain your data plan so fast and you will run out of data, unless you are you an unlimited plan or connected Wi-Fi plan

Reduce Mobile Data Consumption on Facebook

These simple changes in the settings of the Facebook app will help you to reduce the consumption of Data.

Here is the step to reduce mobile data consumption on Facebook

  1. Click Settings & Privacy at the bottom of the screen
  2. Click General
  3. Click Edit next to Data Usage
  4. Choose LessNormal or More and click Save


Here’s how each setting works:

  • Less:Facebook won’t show any photos
  • Normal:Facebook will show all photos in low quality
  • More:Facebook will show all photos in high quality


Also if you have noted the videos on your FB wall start playing automatically one you scroll through the wall. Facebook has default activated video auto play feature for everyone and this consumes a lot of Data.


So here is how you de-activate the video auto play feature on Facebook.


  • Launch the Facebook app and select the 3 lines on the right as shown on the image below.




  • Select App Settings from the list of options.




  • Here you see the option of Auto play, just select never Auto play videos from the option.





Do you have any other tricks which will help to reduce the data consumption? Let us know on the comment section below.


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