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A great picture snapped but later you discover that there is issue at the background of the image otherwise it would be a great picture to kept as your new profile image. Many images we have deleted which can be have your greatest pics to be kept in your image collection. It can be someone wearing a weird colour or cloth or his action at background or it can be a tree poking to your head or ears in the image.

All of you will agree that the background of image is very vital to make and fee the picture great, a wrong background will turn attention of the viewer forgetting about the subject who’s image is photographed.


Today we are going to share an article on erasing the background of any Image by using an Application available for Android Phone.


How to Remove Background from Any Image in Android


Step 1 : Download Background Eraser from Google Play Store (Free)



Step 2: Simply Launch the app and select the option Load a Photo as shown on the image below.




Step 3 : Now choose the image from your gallery whose background you want to remove and crop it.




Step 4:  Select Done and you can see three option to remove i.e Auto, Manual and Repair, I recommend to select the Auto option with Zoom the wanted portion on the image.




Step 5: If you spot any mistake in the removal of background just use the eraser to fix it out. With little practice you can easily remove out all the background from the image.


Step 6: Select Done & put the smooth level to maximum to get a smooth finish.


Step 7: Click on the Finish option & you are done, the image is ready with removed background.


Do you any other App to suggest which can do this job better? Do let us know in the comment section…


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  1. Niharika Singh