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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus catches Fire while Charging.

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Recently, a users Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ was turned into smokes while lying on the bed in charging mode. The incident happen with one of the owner of Galaxy S6 Edge+, the phone was lying with him on the bed and was in charging mode using a Samsung Galaxy S3 charger. Normally Samsung recommend only to use Samsung accessories with their samsung products. Such cases where usual with Samsung in 2013 where some third party chargers were used to charges Samsung phone.



But in this case he was using a Samsung branded charger. The incident happened when he was lying and a sudden sound diverted his attention.


At first instant he though the charger might have caught fire, but to his surprise he realized the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ was the one which broke in to flames.


Such an incident I very rare to be heard now, but when occurs its really scary and dangerous. It is recommended to only use the original charger which comes with the device at the time of purchase. These events mostly occur when the user tends to use faulty third party chargers.


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