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Samsung just revealed a 10nm 6GB RAM chip that may arrive on the Note 6

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At an event in Shenzhen, China Samsung unveiled a 6GB RAM chip. While this is common news now has smartphones have camed up with much increased RAM as 6GB, However the key difference here is that the RAM has a tiny 10nm form.


No confirmation yet by Samsung, however many of developers have already theorized that this 10nm 6GB LPDDR4 could power the Samsung Galaxy Note 6.


The main reasons for more efficient processors and RAM modules are to make the best out of the limited battery capacity that we have. In the past years, the best way to keep battery life in stride with more demanding components is to make high power chips smaller and more efficient.


The S7 and S7 Edge have introduce battery capacities as well as better efficiency compared past launches. The Note6 is also expected to pack a much larger capacity battery around 3600-4000 mAH compared to the previous gen that has just a 3000 mAH battery under the hood.


Samsung is best known for flash memory realm, with introduction of the chip Samsung has announced tougher completion for coming years. What are your thoughts about the chip? Let us know in the comments section below!


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